I’m a fun, energetic, resourceful full-stack developer with a passion for JavaScript. I have egregious levels of experience in both client- and server-side JS. I'm well-versed in a few other languages and pick up new ones quickly!


Work Experience


Anark Corp. - Software Engineer - MBEWeb Team

  • Product: cloud-based technical content hosting
  • I spearheaded client side of Work Management suite
  • I mostly did front-end development
  • Company operated under Agile principles
  • MERN+TypeScript stack, Mocha+Chai test suite

CU Boulder - Student Developer - ServiceNow Team

  • CU’s IT department used ServiceNow, a SaaS issue tracker/ticketing system
  • My team provided support & custom-built solutions
  • I oversaw development of a Node+Selenium test suite
  • I developed new user onboarding course and videos

CU Boulder - Student Lead Analyst - IT Serivce Center

  • We provided tech support to the CU Boulder campus over the phone, via email, and online
  • I built tooling to improve personal & team workflows